John H. Kooy Trucking, Inc. Reliability with your firms West Coast freight shipments.

TheTrucking Industry is Always Changing.

We at John H. Kooy Trucking, Inc. have been in business since 1972. Through the years, we have seen many changes in the trucking business.

The thing that has not changed over the years is our ability to provide excellent value, service and reliability to our customers.

We operate 20 tractors and 25 trailers, servicing the States of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona. Our trucks average 125,000 miles annually carrying produce and general commodities.

To maintain our reputation we obtain quality equipment and hire only professional employee's to deliver reliability and excellent customer service.

The trucking market is always a highly competitive business. Even with the constant changes in regulations, the needs of our customers have always come first. Kooy Trucking is here to meet your needs.

John H. Kooy Trucking, Inc
19324 67th Ave. NE - Arlington, WA 98223
Fax: 360-474-8001- Phone: 360-474-8000
Toll Free: 1-800-426-9180




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